Dance & Music Video

Fusion Dance in Brunel Bus Station

Details: Standard definition mini DV, 4:3, 6min 50sec extract, animation and live action mix, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Photoshop. A collaboration with  Davy McGuire. The original piece was about 20 minutes and was made to be projected behind the dancers at a live performance out doors at the Brunel Bus Station in Slough (Berks, UK). Choreographed by Lincoln Allert, and performed by Fusion Dance.

The piece was shot in Slough’s Brunel Bus Station in and around where the performance was held. Some of the shots being made at the performance site so that during the performance the audience would see that exact space in daylight with a continuation of the same performance in it. The screen images were choreographed into the dance piece rather than just being a background piece. This meant that we had to work closely with the dancers and choreographer.

Kathak Dance

Details: Standard definition mini DV, Final Cut Pro