Documentary Films

Documentary animation, stories for social change

Here are four animated documentaries. They are all personal stories, used by charities to promote social change. Also two live action films that I have collaborated on.


Voicing Silence

2016. Collaboration with Abhi Arumbakkam, made with TVPaint, Produced by Instinct Media and Life Size Videos.
Find out more about the film, screenings, awards and reviews here.


We don’t give up in Haiti

2016. First of the My Life Changed series for the Steve Sinnott Foundation.


Isata’s Journey

2017. Second of the My Life Changed series for the Steve Sinnott Foundation.


When you Educate a Woman

2018. Third of the My Life Changed series for the Steve Sinnott Foundation.


Live Action Documentary

Details: 2011, standard definition, Mini DV, 4:3, 9min 50sec, PD150, Final Cut Suite. I edited this film for Abhi Arumbakkam who found the subject, produced, directed and shot it.

Synopsis – An Indian care home for wandering mentally ill women prepares to reunite 3 patients with their families. But nobody knows exactly where they are from, finding their homes is only half the battle. What awaits these women and why did they leave? Some are welcomed, others are no longer wanted.

Details: 2006, standard definition mini DV, letterbox, 4min. This film was made in collaboration with Abhi Arumbakkam who found the subject, produced and directed it. I shot and edited it. We were originally making a film about someone else, but decided that this was the real story. It was the first documentary I’d shot.