Voicing Silence

Details: HD (1920×1080), 3min, 2016, TV Paint


How do you move forward when events from a distant past continue to cast their grim shadow on the present? Can breaking the silence ever bring a much longed for quietude? Voicing Silence is one woman’s attempt to find her words that have remained muted for so long.


This film was made with my friend Abhi, who approached me with the voice recording and asked if I would be interested to make a film with it. My initial response was to use metaphor to juxtapose with the very graphic narration. However Abhi explained that the problem with this issue in India is that no-one will talk about it, so it is touched on  in euphemism, hints or silence. She wanted to challenge this silence, be direct and stir up emotions. She sent me photos of herself at that age, the area, and links to things that reminded her of the place and times. So I included these as references, or in the design. I also included references to Lachmi, as the young girl wearing red and standing on a lotus carpet design, and the dance she is doing at the start (Bharatanatyam) is one practiced by higher caste Hindu girls as an expression of spiritual ideals. I wanted to heighten the incongruence between the idolised feminine and contempt for women. I also used insect metaphor as with my other films.


  • ‘Best Animated Film’ – NEZ International Film Festival, Kolkata, India

Festivals and screenings

NEZ International Film Festival, 2016, Kolkata, India
International Film Festival of SHIMLA, 2016, India
Crystal Palace International Film Festival, 2016, London
Tula International Film Festival, 2016, Russia
Chicago Feminist Film Festival, 2017, US


View Abhi’s Blogg here.
Voicing Silence – TMFF Critique Review.


Narration – Abhi Arumbakkam
Music – Nefeli Stamatogiannopoulou & Stelios Koupetoris
Sound Editor – Louise Brown
Written by Abhi Arumbakkam
Animation – Lucy Lee
Edit – Lucy Lee
Live Action – Abhi Arumbakkam
Director – Lucy Lee
Producer – Abhi Arumbakkam


Drawn on a graphic tablet in using TV Paint, edited in Premiere.


Password: VoicingSilence