Lyrical films

The Wasteland

2014: Independent Film, Hand made Sand Animation on backlight glass, After Effects and Premiere, Produced by Instinct Media. University of Derby MA graduation film.

The Gates of Heaven

2004: Independent Film, Digital painting in Painter with ink on canvas background art, Produced by Instinct Media.


2002: Independent Film, funded by National Lottery Fund, Arts Council of Wales and S4C, Hand drawn animation and rendered using Photoshop and Painter with oil painting details for textures, Produced by Instinct Media.


2001: Independent Film, funded by S4C, 2D animation, hand drawn and rendered in Photoshop and Painter, Produced by Instinct Media.

Bird Becomes Bird

1997: National Film and Television School, graduation film. Oil paint on glass, made at the Yekaterinburg Studios, Russia, shot and edited on Russian 35mm film stock.

House on a Frozen Lake

1996: National Film and Television School, intermediate film, stop motion puppet animation, shot and edited on 35mm.

Hidden Hearts of Fish

1993: Newport Film School (Gwent College of Higher Education), graduation film, scratch and paint on 16mm film stock, bi-packed with sand animation.

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