House on a Frozen Lake

Details: 1996, 10 mins, 35mm, stop motion puppet


Influenced by Mervyn Peake’s ‘Gormenghast’, living in awkward places, and seeing fishermen on the frozen estuary in St Petersburg, fishing through holes they drilled in the ice.


See Matt Kish’s blogg review here


Directed – Lucy Lee
Producer – Myf Hopkins, assistant Donal McCusker
Script – Lucy Lee, Zillah Crosby
Animation & Puppets – Lucy Lee, Julie Otten, Tara Bacon
Sound – Adele Kellett
Music – Sam Sutton
© NFTS 1996

Festivals & Distribution

Edinburgh Film Festival
Melbourne International Film Festival
International Short Film Fest – Krakow
ROSHD International Film Festival, Tehran – Iran

(I’m not sure where else it went)


Puppet animation, with no computer aids. The puppets are 14.5 inches high and made of chicken bones with Bolsa wood heads and ball and socket joints. The bird is a real Blackbird skeleton, with animation wire running through the bones.

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