From The Wasteland

Details: High Definition (1920×1080), 6min, 2014, Sand Animation, After Effects


A dark, mysterious and lyrical film animated in sand using mythical imagery to tell a story of letting go and moving on. Based on the Celtic Myths of Perceval, the Fisher King, Emma Jung’s study of the Grail Myth, some of Jesse Western’s nature god theories thrown in for good measure, and a nod to some classic self help lines. This film explores a character’s journey down into his darkest depths to find an injured king who needs to be finally put to rest. Here is the development Blog.

  • ‘Big Show 2013 Award’ – University of Derby Graduation show
  • ‘Best Animation Sound Track’ – Twelfth Annual Garden State Film Festival in Atlantic Citry, New Jersey, 2014
  • Nomination for best music at UK Music and Sound Awards
  • Nominated for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards February 2014
Festivals and screenings

Twelfth Annual Garden State Film Festival in Atlantic Citry, New Jersey (Best Animation Sound Track)
Hollywood Music in Media Awards (Nomination)
UK Music and Sound Awards, (Nomination for best music)
ANIMATOR, 7th International Animation Festival Poland, Poznan. (Final Competition)
ANIBAR, International Film Festival, Kosova. (International Competition)
ENCOUNTERS, Short Film & Animation Festival, Bristol, UK (International Competition)
AESTHETICA Short Film Festival, York, UK (Official Selection)
CHITRAKATHA ’15, Chitrakatha International Student Animation Festival, India (Student Competition)


Featured in Hatched Magazine.
Creativity Media review.


Written, Directed, Animated – Lucy Lee
Voice – Andrew Turner-Lee
Composer – Stelios Koupetoris
Sound – Louise Brown
Key Financial Supporters – David Lee, Paolo Polesello, George Lee
Thank you – Jed & Liam, Susan, David, Eve, Pat, Tracy, Ian, Mark, Sharon, Otto, Vera, Tsvika, Emma, Trevor, BFI Film Academy, Resource Productions, Reflective Films, Creature, University of Derby


Sand animation on multi-plane bed. Shot on digital stills camera with Stop Motion Pro. Sequencing and colour in After Effects, edited in Premiere.


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