DVD Compilation

  • The DVD was reviewed by Aesthetica Magazine ‘Carp Into Dragon’, Aesthetica Magazine, Spring 2006 (issue 12). Aesthetica review of DVD.

The Gates of Heaven Reviews

  • Read the review in the Asian Reporter on ‘Gates of Heaven’ (October 11, 2005). The link opens a PDF. “…Powerful beyond measure…painterly and mystical…an intense little film…leaves an impression that lasts well beyond viewing…”
  • BBC Film Network (listed no.1 on the Industry Panel’s Favourites in September 2006). Add your own review if you are a member.
  • Have a look at the comments on YouTube, and add one of your own if you like. “…profound spiritual inspiration…”
  • Reviewed on Animation Blogg by Ian Lumsden. “…there is a mystical quality to the whole movie…”
  • Mentioned in PingMag, online design magazine based in Tokyo. “...I found Lucy Lee’s “The Gate of Heaven,” a 2-minute animation with beautiful Asian motifs with oil-paint-like touch, particularly unforgettable.”
  • The First Post – “I thought you might like to know that your lovely film, Gates of Heaven received the most hits of all the shorts and trailers that were in the cinema last week. We would love to show it again some time. Many thanks, Alex”
  • GOLDEN LION FILM FESTIVAL September 2005 “Your film proves that CGI animation so dominant today is no replacement or even substitute for ethereal, masterly images of pure artistry, which you provide in abundance in your short work, along with a compelling parable of universal application.  We applaud your dedication to animation, and we are privileged to present the latest of your work to our audience.” James Hall, Festival Director

Waiting Featured in:

Televisual – News: Storyboard, August 1999

Bird Becomes Bird Reviews

  • Animation World Magazine, Nov 1999, ‘Fresh from the Festivals: November 1999’s Film Reviews’ by Maureen Furniss
  • Con Can Movie Festival, Jury Recommended, “What a beautiful hand-drawn movie! The sun glows so briliantly, and the icefield truly looks freezing. The bird emerging from the ice is breathtaking, as well as the movements of the undulating fish…This film has poetry like that of Nolshtein animations.” Teruyo Nogami
  • Six Minute Bird, Art Film Festival, interview, 25 June 1998
  • TIME OUT, British Animation Time Out Public Choice Awards, 11-18 Feb 1998, “Bird Becomes Bird, a ravishingly lyrical pastoral.”
  • Bird Becomes Bird, Channel Four Television, 7th October 1997, “Yes, I loved Bird Becomes Bird. The beginning, with all the character you get into that little bird figure, is particularly memorable.” Clare Kitson
  • Ian Lumsden on his Animation Blogspot
  • IMDb, the Internet Movie Database, ratings and reviews, also YouTube, ratings and reviews. Please feel free to comment or rate.

Hidden Hearts of Fish Reviews

  • Chapter Arts Cardiff, Film Catalogue, December 1993, “Visually stunning animated exploration of communication.”
  • Lucy’s fish hit the big time, South Wales Argus – CINEMA, September 1993
  • The hidden hearts of fish by Lucy Lee, South Wales Argus, 14 September 1993, “A bright and beautiful film in which collage of undersea images becomes a metaphor for conscious but deep thoughts of the individual. Others may try to divine those thoughts, the film suggests, but somehow they stay submerged, being rebelliously coloured by the inner light of the self.”, Adrian Ross.